FINCA (Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA): Welcome to the GFN!

The Green Film Network (GFN) brings together some of the major film festivals that happen annually around the globe with focus on environmental issues.

The FINCA Festival is an initiative by the DerHumALC Multimedia Institute – IMD (Latin American and the Caribbean Human Rights Multimedia Institute), a non-profit organization established in Buenos Aires, founded with the purpose of strenghthening the research, study, education and promotion of Human Rights, through active participation, with the use of audiovisual resources and new technologies.

Apart from organizing the FINCA Festival, the IMD has received recognition for the International Film Festival on Human Rights in Buenos Aires, which has reached its 15th edition. This Festival has featured films with a social interest for the safeguard of memory, the roots and the dignity of the peoples.

El growing phenomenom of environmental concern has fostered a share of audivisual content that was received by the IMD, which has led the Institute to organize the first edition of FINCA in 2010, which thus became the first festival to approach the environmental issue from a social point of view in favor of change. What has set FINCA apart from the rest of the environmental film festivals of the country is its engagement in the democratization of the debate unto other spaces.

It is worth noting that IMD’s environmental sensibility does not circumscribe itself to the organization of FINCA, but to the continuous partaking in other activities, such as collaboration with other environmental film exhibitions and the provision of cinematic material to other events that fight for the defense of the Earth and nature.

The exhibition, education and distribution of audiovisual material on human rights and specifically on the environmental question are the key nodes of the work done by the DerHumALC Multimedia Institute. The International Environmental Film Festival reaffirms said commitments and expands the scope of the struggle on environmental issues unto other non-traditional fields such as cinema.

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