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Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)

One World is a human rights documentary film festival organised by People in Need, the biggest Central European NGO. The organisation works in humanitarian aid and development, support for human rights, education and social programmes both around the world and in the Czech Republic. Its activities are reflected in the programme of the One World Film Festival, which takes place every year in March. Over the last 18 years, the festival has developed into the world’s largest documentary film event focused on human rights, with audiences of more than 120,000 people every year.

One World kicks off in Prague and then moves to more than 30 other towns and cities around the Czech Republic. The festival also takes place in Brussels every spring.

The environment and natural resources are important parts of the human rights agenda. One World offers a traditional category called “So-called Civilisation” in which films with environmental topics, including modern lifestyles, are shown. The environment is directly linked to other human rights issues such as poverty, migration and land grabbing. All these topics are explored at One World through film screenings, followed by Q&As and panel discussions.

The One World team has been working on diminishing the festival’s emissions. In 2016, all refreshments provided by the festival were strictly vegetarian and served on biodegradable plates. Bottled water was replaced by tap water and festival guests were driven in electric cars provided by Nissan. The number of printed catalogues has been decreasing every year as the festival turns to online platforms such as mobile apps and a responsive website.

Throughout the year, people in the Czech Republic can borrow documentary films previously screened by One World through the Get Your Audience! This initiative brings high quality documentaries to residents of small villages or towns where the festival does not take place. Environmental films such as Taste the Waste and North of the Sun are among the most popular.

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The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Saturday 15 September 2018

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