International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő

International Nature Film Festival - Nature and Environmental Protection Festival

The mission

The International Nature Film Festival became an outstanding nature and environmental protection event in the region. With the support of the profession and the media we have managed to focus attention on Gödöllő, our natural values and their protection.

In 2017, nearly 300 films and several thousand guests arrived to Gödöllő from 58 countries. Awarded films of the Festival from May 2017 received a total of 94 international festival awards.

At the Festival we showed 100 films free of charge over a period of three days and registered appr. 40,000 program participants. More than 2,000 students participated in the Festival with classes or trips on what has become the traditional Student Day on Friday. We thank everybody who came and took part in the programs and those who followed the event from a distance.

In 2018, under the auspices of the Festival there will be two Film Reviews (International Film Review and Carpathian-Basin Film Review). At the 2018’s Festival Gala the total sum of the prizes will amount to €16.000. Special thanks to the supporters of the festival.

In additional to the free of charge screenings of the competition films, several programs will wait for the visitors in May, 2018: entertaining nature-preservation and environmental-protection programs, the renewable outdoor photography exhibition entitled “Enchanting Hungary”, the 2nd Trash Art Hungary sculpture exhibition, cinematic-arts and environmental protection conferences and a “Jam for Nature” musical talent show.

We believe that films represent the first of the creative arts that directly utilizes time and space simultaneously. It represents one of the most popular media of our day, transmitting information and knowledge as well as providing entertainment. Our Festival is built around films, though is not only about films. Must see and feel the messages of the films.

Let’s meet in 2018 too! The IV. International Nature Film Festival will be in May 25-27, 2018. Everybody is welcome!

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Wednesday 28 February 2018

Additional informations

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Regulations 2018 →