International Environmental Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)

Filmambiente Festival intends to show every year the best recent films and videos on environmental and sustainability issues, to create awareness, provoke debate and to widen the knowledge and conscience on the need of urgent changes in the behavior of people, governments and companies, in order to preserve the planet.

We know that the environment is an urgent and defying question humanity faces and recent events prove that the public is eager to understand such issues and have been demanding more and more opportunities to learn and discuss them. We live in an era that public and private opinions are becoming increasingly based on images, films and videos. And those instruments have the benefit of immediate and easy communication, both emotionally and in a practical way. No other media is so effective to display sustainable and viable life styles that will aloud a better future for the earth and human kind. Based on these ideas Filmambiente presents films and videos from all over the world that portrait different ideas, experiences, propositions and solutions on sustainability, to inspire people to change their habits and influence their community and country to do the same.

The festival has a competitive section of feature documentaries and of short films along with non-competitive sections.  Thematic discussion panels gather every year Brazilian and international experts. Filmambiente also hosts directors and producers, to discuss their work with the audience.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Tuesday 30 April 2019

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