Barichara Green Film Festival


Festiver is a nonprofit foundation created by Colombian actors Toto Vega and Nórida Rodríguez, which aims at raising awareness and appreciation of the environment and the preservation of natural resources, using film and audiovisual media as an effective tool to bring knowledge and entertainment to people. We want to inspire a new generation of artists, who are committed to the protection of our habitats and ecosystems, to create spaces for debate, and develop academic endeavors and dynamic activities around the issue. This will help contribute to the audience formation and enrichment of Colombia’s educational and tourism spectrum. It will also build a better world through the exhibition of environmentally related cinematographic and audiovisual content, both nationally and internationally, while seeking stimuli for the development of this content. It takes place in Barichara, department of Santander, which was declared National Monument and Historical and Cultural Heritage of the World. Located on a plateau, it is known as “the most picturesque town of Colombia”, besides being the only town in our country built entirely in stone and “tapia pisada” (traditional plaster). Its sustainable and colonial architecture takes maximum advantage of the region’s natural resources in a way that minimizes the impact on nature and the town inhabitants. At 1300 m.a.s.l., an average temperature of 21°C (70°F) and located at 110km (two-hour drive) from the city of Bucaramanga, the town is framed by a breathtaking landscape. The hot and dry climate teemed up with extreme sport practices provides the perfect location for the most important Environmental Film Festival of Colombia to take place.

The 7th Barichara Green Film Festival will be held from September 20 to 24 2017, with the institutional support of important public and private entities and mainstream media coverage. Festiver will arrive again in Barichara featuring a free-admission program with a wide variety of activities including: outdoor and indoor screenings of both Colombian and international environmental films, a complete academic agenda with workshops for kids, teens and adults aimed at promoting and fostering the development of audiovisual initiatives and the creation and execution of new environmental film projects. Additionally, there are ecoworkshops intended for all audiences to promote environmental education through reusing discarded material and the creation of useful objects to help diminish the impact on nature. The 7th edition of the Festival will also have conferences, lectures, academic encounters and colloquiums about film and the environment, featuring national and international guests, sections such as “Green Jewels”, featuring a selection of the best films in previous editions of the festival, “Campecine” (movie screenings in neighboring rural villages), art and science exhibitions, a green market, concerts, and all sorts of environmental activities. This year the festival’s competition is divided in national and international categories, keeping the “Cogollos Verdes” section for Colombian film students and Colombian new directors. As in previous years, the festival will continue its “Fotosíntesis” post-production segment, which supports films in the stage of first cut. The festival will also render homage to outstanding people for their contribution to the film industry and the environment.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Monday 16 July 2018

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