Winners CinemAmbiente 2014 (Turin, ITALY)

International Documentary Competition
Best International Documentary
VIRUNGA (Orlando von Einsiedel; U.K.; 2014, 97 min)

For the high ethical, aesthetic and emotional values in an intimate and empathetic treatment of greed and cruelty posed against kindness and love of life. The film depicts the interplay of money, politics and the environment in an international conflict, encouraging viewers to take action.


Iren Special Prize
MY NAME IS SALT (Farida Pacha; India-Switzerland, 2013, 92 min)

In true documentary style, the film takes viewers into another time and place, where they can empathize with the main characters and learn how to mine the world’s whitest salt.


Turin Provincial Student’s Council Award
VIRUNGA (Orlando von Einsiedel; U.K.; 2014, 97 min)

This breathtaking film tells the story of a local people’s respect for their land and the oppression of global economic forces they suffer under. The film examines how the political and economic pressure wielded by big oil influences the inner workings of a country that gained its independence in 1960 and how the people’s respect for their land helps them to react against such forces. The accurate documentary research into the country’s political and social strife provides deeper insights beyond news analyses by Western media into the current situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A compelling story that makes us think about the real consequences of daily decisions.


Italian Documentary Competition
Best Italian Documentary
CAPO E CROCE – LE RAGIONI DEI PASTORI (Marco Antonio Pani and Paolo Carboni; Italy, 2013, 104 min)

For the ability to balance the account of a protest march with an anthropological profile of Sardinian shepherds, arousing strong empathy through honest self-narration. For having recalled attention to an existential condition excluded from urban culture. For the quality of the black/white photography that emphasizes the epic dimensions of these people, protagonists in a conflict that involves everyone but relegated by politicians to a regional problem.


Guido Boccaccini Special Prize
THE STONE RIVER (Giovanni Donfrancesco; Italy-France, 2013, 87 min)

For the ability to combine documentary and fiction through a poetic treatment of the dramatic story of stonecutters, workers and artists in granite, part of early 20th century immigration retold in contemporary portraits.


Legambiente Special Mention
ÇAPULCU – VOICES FROM GEZI (Benedetta Argentieri, Claudio Casazza, Carlo Prevosti, Duccio Servi, Stefano Zoja; Italy, 2014, 60 min)

What started off as a small protest against the demolition of a small park in Istanbul to make way for a shopping mall turned into a massive civil uprising against an unwanted urban redevelopment model. The Gezi Park revolt has become an international symbol of civil disobedience in the defense of the environment. The images of the clash with riot police rapidly spread across the Internet and the media, garnering Western sympathy for the protestors yet also meeting silence from other countries and international organizations. The film gives voice to young generations in the hope that the success of future environmental protests can rely on the ability of civil society groups to organize international solidarity.


International One-Hour Film Competition
Best Mid-length Film Award
FOOTPRINTS OF WAR (Max M. Mönch, Germany; 2013, 52 min)

In these apparently peaceful times, we wanted to award a film that declares war against wars. The film shows how, starting in the early 1900s, warfare became an industry and does not end with peace agreements; instead, conflicts continue, bringing disastrous consequences with them. A necessary film we hope will stir public opinion.


Sub Ti Special Prize
ENDLESS ROAD (Huaqing Jin, China; 2014, 40 min)

The prize goes to a Chinese lady for her courage to fight a solo battle as a defender of the environment against the rampant industrialization.


Home of Tomorrow Special Prize
PROJECT WILD THING (David Bond, U.K.; 2013, 82 min)

For the message about the home of tomorrow. A direct, courageous, fresh style that resets the balance between the real world and technology. Sustainable revolution is now a broad-based evolution. Because improving the home means having a better life.


Home of Tomorrow Special Mention
MICROTOPIA (Jesper Wachtmeister, Sweden; 2013, 55 min)

For the visionary and provocative approach to living, sophisticated and refined in the choice of photography and editing. A bold statement on the concept of home and personal choices of living.