The 5th Green Image Film Festival palmares

The Award ceremony of the 5th Green Image Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan) has been held on March 25th.

The GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize has been assigned to:
BE’JAM BE the Never Ending Song
Director: Caroline PARIETTI & Cyprien PONSON
(France, Switzerland / 2017 / 85mins.)

Here’s the complete palmares:

Jurors’ Special Prize

Chippiyak Kamui, The Snipe God
Director: YAMAGAMI Noboru
(Japan / 2017 / 45mins.)

Anger in the Wind
Director: Amina WEIRA
(France / 2016 / 54mins.)

The Fan
Director: Fatemeh SOHANI
(Iran / 2014 / 7mins.)

In the Crosshairs
Director: Marzieh KHEIRKHAH
(Iran / 2016 / 6mins.)

Dusk Chorus -based on Fragments of Extinction
Director: Nika SARAVANJA & Alessandro d’EMILIA
(Italy / 2016 / 62mins.)

Director: Olga POLIEKTOVA and Jaume QUILES
(Spain, Russia / 2017 / 2mins.)

Safe Passage for Sea Turtles
Director: 于 立平
(Taiwan / 2016 / 31mins.)

Mundiya Kepanga, the Voice of the Forest
Director: Marc DOZIER, Luc MARESCOT
(France / 2017 / 85mins.)

Protectors of Firefly River
Director: YAMADA Eiji
(Japan / 2017 / 90mins.)

Fighting Air Pollution
Director: HUANG Hung-Ju
(Taiwan / 2016 / 18mins.)

Beyond Fordlandia: An Environmental Account of Henry Ford’s Adventures in the Amazon
Director: Marcos COLON
(USA, Brazil / 2017 / 75mins.)

The Dassie -A South African Survival Specialist
Director: Marlen HUNDERTMARK
(Germany / 2017 / 52mins.)

Moon Bear Chronicle: Unraveling the Mysteries
Director: MATSUBAYASHI Akira
(Japan / 2017 / 49mins.)

Ranger and Leopard
Director: Fathollah AMIRI
(Iran / 2017 / 53mins.)

Fukushima : A Record of Living Things Episode Five -Follow-Up
Director: IWASAKI Masanori
(Japan / 2017 / 95mins.)

Macoconi -The Roots of Our Children
Director: Fabio RIBEIRO
(Mozambique / 2017 / 35mins.)