The 4th Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival palmares

On May 26th the 4th Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival presented the 2018 Festival Awards.

Here they are:

Fish of mountains and valleys Part 1.: Lambs and wolves of waters
by Szendőfi Balázs (Hungary)

International Film Review / Nature Films
Earth: One Amazing Day
Richard Dale, Peter Webber, Fan Lixin | UK

International Film Review / Documentaries – television productions and independent films
Mundiya Kepanga, the voice of the forest
Dozier Marc and Marescot | France

International Film Review / Documentaries – short films, videos, independent short films
Think Like a Scientist: Saiga Saga
Kate Bradbury  | Netherland

International Film Review / Animations
Guilherme Gehr  | Brasil

International Film Review / Scientific documentaries
Living in the Futures Past
Susan Kucera | USA

International Film Review / Travelogues, Expedition Films
Fish Owl Wanted
Ilya Tsyganov  | Russia

Carpathian Basin Film Review / Natural Values of the Carpathian Basin – Nature Films
The Living River
Erik Balaz | Slovakia

Carpathian Basin Film Review / Natural values of the Carpathian Basin – Documentary films
The stone axe man – Samu’s Supper
Gauder Áron | Hungary

Carpathian Basin Film Review / Cultural values
Song from the top of the trees
Zsigmond Attila | Romania

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