plane footprints

Footprints of War, traces of war between past and present

Dramatic, but not isolated, episodes of a century marked by wars with high level of cruelty, fought with every means.
The salt flats in Thar Desert

My Name is Salt: hard work for the whitest salt in the world

Images of an endless desert, with soft colors, in a silence that talks about fatigue and resignation, broken only if necessary.

La Mujer y el Agua: woman to woman

Women and Water occasions from the Indian tradition according to which women have the responsibility for supplying the domestic water. This happens in a country where water is not for all.
Michael Madsen in the tunnel of Onkalo

Into Eternity: A Film for the Future, a long-term solution for nuclear waste

On the road to progress, the humanity has made the mistake of not stopping before the price was too high.
sticky cover 4

Sticky. When extinction is not forever

An enlightening movie about extinction. An amazing real story…

DamNation: dams collapse in the country of large infrastructure

DamNation was a challenge to bring to life. The issue is complex. There are over 85,000 dams in the US and it was. Each dam could have its own film.
big foot title

Food, meals talking about themselves

How many substantial issues can be raised in 3 minutes and a…

DREFF (Santo Domingo): Welcome to the GFN!

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and…
last call world

Last call: the story of an announced crisis

What's the difference between big and limitless? Imagine that…

FINCA (Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA): Welcome to the GFN!

The Green Film Network (GFN) brings together some of the major…