2018 Green Film Network Award: and the winners are...

It was hard to choose, but in the end we have the winners of Green Film Network Award 2018. And the winners are...

Green Film Network Award: the winners!

The Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival…

Green Film Network Award 2017

Planet in Focus, Canada’s foremost and longest running environmental film festival, is honoured to be hosting the 4th Annual International Green Film Network Awards, 2017. Friday, October 20: stay tuned!

Landfill Harmonic, the story of the recycled orchestra wins the Green Film Network Award 2016

A group of kids who needs a chance, two men who have a good idea, a rabblement of trash transformed into instruments that can produce high level music: the story of the documentary film Landfill Harmonic and the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay is touching, and beautiful.
forest and gold rush

Amazon Gold: a crazy gold rush in the greenest area in the world

The Amazon Rainforest. There would be many reasons to preserve it, and just one basic motor for destroying it: human greed.

Capo e Croce: a breath of hope

A life, a struggle, that the lens of Pani and Carboni collects without making a mere work of denunciation. Their movie, Capo e Croce- Le ragioni dei pastori, is the Best Documentary at the 17th Italian CinemAmbiente

No Place Is Far Away: the story of a land and identity denial

Land, so much meaning in one word. Many acceptations, all of them as strong and fundamental as the soil that we step on: the land is our home,