Palmares EcoCup 2016 (Moscow, Russia)

After five days of screenings, the jurys of the 2016 ECOCUP voted for the graduates of the 7th edition. And the winners are…

There is no limit to ideas

Green Film Network continues a series of interviews with film festival directors. This time we present you the story of INFF.

Remember that you are not alone

Interview with Pedro Piñeiro Fuente, Diretor of ECOZINE, Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente de Zaragoza, Spain. ECOZINE takes place in a beautiful city of Zaragoza, in Aragon region of Spain. During warm days in May there are screenings in cinemas, city film libraries, center of history, museums and even bookstores.

Iran International Green Film Festival: Welcome to the GFN!

The 5th Iran International Green Film Festival promotes the culture and increasing awareness on environmental conservation and encourages higher quality of creative artistic and cinematic artworks on environmental concerns.

World needs many gestures like this to get better

Interview with Mário Branquinho, Diretor CineEco - Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela, Seia, Portugal.
Rio de Janeiro 1

Creating an event that makes difference to people

Green Film Network festivals are spread all around the world and this time we "travel" to Rio de Janeiro, where Suzana Amado and her team have been holding Filmambiente for last 5 years.
petra holzer cover

The feeling of solidarity against all odds

Interview with Petra Holzer - founder and director of BIFED - Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary, Turkey. BIFED is a young festival that takes places in the beautiful island of Bozcaada (Tenedos) in Aegean Sea.

The festivals of Green Film Network recognize and support BIFED from every country

A terrible terrorist attack happened in Ankara some days ago, but the world knows about it just because it happened in the country's capital.
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Metamorphosen: the secret of Mayak radiations

“The radiation is invisible, it doesn't smell” says one of the protagonists of “Metamorphosen”, a documentary by the German director Sebastian Mez, who decided to put this story on the screen.

CinemAmbiente Lab 2015 - Call for projects

CinemAmbiente is proposing CinemAmbiente Lab, the 3 days intensive development training workshop dedicated to producers and filmmakers with a green documentary project