In Tuvalu, sea takes the place of the earth

'Thule Tuvalu', global warming is here and now

Two wonderful places, where man has learned to live in harmony…
forest and gold rush

Amazon Gold: a crazy gold rush in the greenest area in the world

The Amazon Rainforest. There would be many reasons to preserve it, and just one basic motor for destroying it: human greed.

Filmambiente Film Festival, upcoming deadline, April 15th, 2016

The 6th Filmambiente will take place in Rio de Janeiro, September 15th to 23rd, 2016. Applications are open until April, 15th, 2016

19th CinemAmbiente, upcoming deadline

The 19th edition of CinemAmbiente - Environmental Film Festival will take place in Turin from May, 31st to June, 5th , the World Environment Day run by the United Nations Environment Programme.
Giuseppe with the harpoon

The Harpoon, the eco-friendly fishing between ethics and needs

How is it possible to be a fisherman and to defend nature at the same time? This is the contradiction that Giuseppe, the main character of the beautiful documentary “The Harpoon”, feels.

3rd Green Image Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan (23-25 March 2016)

The 3rd edition of the Green Image Film Festival is upcoming! The…
Life According to Ohad

Life According to Ohad, love and activism to defend animals

Supporting one's own ideals against what everyone consider the natural order of things. Looking at the world with the eyes of the victims, in order to give them a voice.
1ha_43a_monika pirch

1ha43a, six attempts to rediscover the value of land

How can a woman of modern times gain back a real and strong connection with the land? Which is the best way to get the most from it in a sustainable and informed way?
mare carbone cover gfn

A Sea of Coal, the voice and portrait of an outraged territory

A trip through space and time, between childhood memories and the present life, spent far way from the beauties and the contradictions of a beloved land.