19th CinemAmbiente, upcoming deadline

The 19th edition of CinemAmbiente - Environmental Film Festival will take place in Turin from May, 31st to June, 5th , the World Environment Day run by the United Nations Environment Programme.
Giuseppe with the harpoon

The Harpoon, the eco-friendly fishing between ethics and needs

How is it possible to be a fisherman and to defend nature at the same time? This is the contradiction that Giuseppe, the main character of the beautiful documentary “The Harpoon”, feels.
mare carbone cover gfn

A Sea of Coal, the voice and portrait of an outraged territory

A trip through space and time, between childhood memories and the present life, spent far way from the beauties and the contradictions of a beloved land.

The Messenger, a song of life and hope

Birds are environmental indicators. When you look at what is happening with them, it is a way of tuning into the state of the planet.
ALINE-3 cover copy

Why cyclists find it hard to save the world: Bikes vs Cars

Bikes vs Cars, interview with the director Fredrik Gertten: “The car industries invest a lot of money to protect their own sick business and invest billions of dollars into not to make the world better, even if we know that we need to”.
dark side cover

Dark Side of the Chew, all the truth about chewing-gum

Chewing-gum is one of the most consumed product in the world, but only few people know the many faces hidden behind those that apparently seem harmless sweetened butts.

Saving Mes Aynak, a love letter to Afghan people and their culture

A fight against time in order to save Mes Aynak, a 5,000-year-old archaeological site in Afghanistan. A symbol of cultural identity of priceless historical value, this place is threatened to be destructed to make place for a Chinese open pit copper mine.
HowToChangeTheWorld5_gfn cover

How to Change the World, the origin of Greenpeace and contemporary environmentalism

How can we change the world? Where can we start and how can we go on to communicate our own message, encouraging people with our same values to act?

Palmares 18th CinemAmbiente 2015 (Turin, ITALY)

After six days of screenings and intense debates, the jurys of the CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival voted for the graduates of the 18th edition. And the winners are…
plane footprints

Footprints of War, traces of war between past and present

Dramatic, but not isolated, episodes of a century marked by wars with high level of cruelty, fought with every means.