Life According to Ohad, love and activism to defend animals

Supporting one's own ideals against what everyone consider the natural order of things. Looking at the world with the eyes of the victims, in order to give them a voice.

The Messenger, a song of life and hope

Birds are environmental indicators. When you look at what is happening with them, it is a way of tuning into the state of the planet.

Capo e Croce: a breath of hope

A life, a struggle, that the lens of Pani and Carboni collects without making a mere work of denunciation. Their movie, Capo e Croce- Le ragioni dei pastori, is the Best Documentary at the 17th Italian CinemAmbiente

32nd FIFE (Paris, FRANCE) - February 3-10, 2015

Since its creation, the Fife wishes to give awareness,…

“Virunga”: a park, a documentary, a happy ending story

You know the times when engagement, moral integrity and attachment…