Palmares 8th Sisak Eco Film Festival (Sisak, CROATIA)

After twelve days of screenings and intense debates, the audience of the Sisak Eco Film Festival voted for the graduates of the 8th edition. And the winners are…

Children Category 


UK, 2013, 4 MIN | DIRECTED BY Simeone Giampaolo

ESPERO? (HOPE?) is a humorous, entertaining but also educational animated comedy which sarcastically shows how Gaia, our planet Earth, met humankind years and years ago, and all the problems which followed. A criticism of our modern society and of the way we’ve been “evolving” over the centuries. Apart from having a quite original visual style, ESPERO? (HOPE?) is also the very first 3D animated film fully dubbed in Esperanto, a beautiful universal language created over a hundred years ago to foster peace and international understanding between people.


 Special Category 

DJEVOJČICE IZ BANIJSKE ŠUME | The Girls from Banija Forest

Croatia, 2013, 19 min| Directed by Nikolina Barić

Two sisters, Sara (7) and Petra (8) live with their parents and two baby sisters in a poor household, which is accessed by a ruined and muddy road. In the 1990s, before the war in Croatia, their village was full of people but now the houses are crumbling and the land is fallow. Nevertheless, Sara and Petra have created an imaginary world full of interesting animals, plants and fruit that satisfy their appetites and keeps them happy.


Official selection

Rankovi labudovi

BIH, 2013, 51 min | Directed by Milan Pilipović

The film describes an immense love of two Grandiska area pensioners to a pair of swans which nested in their courtyard. During the flood when everyone was having a hard time, this unexpected encounter between the birds and people changed their lives.