Palmares 5th FReDD Festival 2015 (Toulouse, France)

After twelve days of screenings and intense debates, the jurys of the FReDD Festival – Film, Recherche et Développement Durable voted for the graduates of the 5th edition. And the winners are…

Prix du jury FREDD 2015 / Prix du Colibri !


Presi per il PIL

A documentary about “degrowth”, sustainability and self-sufficiency in response to consumerism and the recession. It features case studies of people from various parts of Italy who have forsaken the commercial life in cities to live in rural communities and also also looks at examples of city-dwellers trying to achieve more sustainable life-styles. The film accompanies them in their new daily lives, while interviews with experts such as economists help make sense of the decisions that have been made.


Catégorie court métrage:

deux prix «Couvée de courts» 2015


OO – Baby boom Child
SWEDEN, 2014 | 25’ | DIRECTORS: Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén

On their way home by bike through a deserted industrial area, a mother and her son starts to talk about what happened when our dream of eternal economic growth collided with the peak in global oil production. In a dystopian but plausible picture of the near future, our children make us accountable for today’s irresponsible way of living.


Your legacy
GERMANY, 2014 | 2’ | DIRECTOR: Cornelia Leichtfried

“Your Legacy” is a bachelor thesis project concentrating on how much garbage the average person in the West produces during a lifetime. The resulting environmental pollution, e.g. of the oceans, is one of the most severe problems of our time, and the film challenges the audience to reflect on their own lifestyle.



Catégorie Long métrage: TWO SPECIAL MENTIONS


Mention spéciale / Prix du Vautour !
The Carbon Rush
CANADA, 2012 | 84’ | DIRECTOR: Amy Miller

The Carbon Rush takes us around the world to meet the people most impacted. They are the least heard in the cacophony surrounding in this emerging “green-gold” multi-billion dollar carbon industry. From indigenous rain forest dwellers having their way of life completely threatened, to dozens of Campesinos assassinated, to the livelihood of waste pickers at landfills taken away, The Carbon Rush travels across four continents and brings us up close to projects working through the United Nations, Kyoto Protocol designed Clean Development Mechanism. This groundbreaking documentary feature asks the fundamental questions: “What happens when we manipulate markets to solve the climate crisis? Who stands to gain and who stands to suffer?”


Mention particulière / Prix de l’envol !
Là, dove batte il sole
FRANCE, ITALY, 2014 | 52’ | DIRECTOR: Diego Feduzi

A beautiful moment captured of a grandfather and his grandson on the issue of the solar panels.