Palmares 2nd BIFED (Bozcaada, TURKEY)



Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff, Chile, 2015, 80’

“Surire” invites viewers into a deep meditation on a changing landscape through exceptional cinematography and poetic reference. From micro to macro, from foreground to background, the film asks viewers to consider the slow forms of violence on culture, landscape and the life force of this exceptional place. Subtle and ironic in it’s acute observation of suffering, aging and time itself, the film asks us to consider incompatible futures.



I am the People

Anna Roussillon, France, 2014, 111’

Centuries ago Ibn Haldun asked if geography is in fact destiny. This is the question that frames this passionate, powerful and self-reflexive film.

Miles away from Cairo, and situated in the fields of Luxor, the film takes us beyond Tahir Square into the emotional landscape of one man, his family and his hopes for democracy. Shot over three years “I am the People” is committed, complex and stands out from other films documenting the unfolding events in Egypt and the region.



Good Morning Taranto

Paolo Pisanelli, Italy, 2014, 84’

A dynamic intervention depicting the daily toxic conditions facing many urban cities around the world. Can we continue to work and live in unsafe and unsustainable conditions? Like its activist protogonists, the film demands that we take a stand, make a choice. Spirited, hopeful and a tribute to the power of youth, popular culture and resistance.



As a jury we would also like to acknowledge “Reed” (Turgay Kural), a sensitive and evocative film full of potential. We look forward to more work from this talented filmmaker.



The Archipelago

Benjamin Huguet, UK/France, 2015, 40’

We are happy to give the prize to this film as we appreciated not only the story of the island community – that we also believe people in Bozcaada can find many connection with, despite our islands lay in whole different part of the world. But the film is also beautiful from cinematographic point of view with its beautiful shootings of nature and people.


Special Mention

We want to give the Special Mention to Turkish short documentary “Shepherd” by Murat Haksever: For the young filmmaker being able to enter the story of the far valleys and take us with him.