Palmares 18th FICA (Goiás, Brazil)

In closing ceremony held at the end of Sunday, 21 winners were announced of the 18th edition of the FICA – Festival Internacional de Cinema e vìdeo Ambiental.

The documentary La Supplication, which sensitively recount the tragic stories of the survivors of the greatest environmental catastrophe of the twentieth century – the Chernobyl nuclear accident – was the big winner of Fica 2016. The film director Pol Cruchten, Luxembourg, won the jury’s largest environmental film festival in Latin America and won the Trophy Cora Coralina.
The jury found that the poetic vision of the film transcends the dense rough account of the facts narrated by the film and takes the audience to rethink the development at all costs.

In addition to the Luxembourg film, the other highlight of the award was the documentary Taego Ãwa, by the brothers Marcela and Henry Borela, who won the Public award for the best film (the Trophy Luiz Gonzaga Soares), and the best goiana production (Trophy John Bennio).
In all, 350 films entered in the festival, with 173 of them domestic films. Among them, 22 were chosen by the selection jury and displayed over the Competitive Exhibition of Fica in 2016.

The evening was also a prize-giving for goianos filmmakers who participated in the 14th Mostra ABD Cine Goiás. The highlight of the edition was Jonatas by Getulio Ribeiro. The short film won four awards: best actor, best screenplay, best fiction and best sound.
The show selected 17 local productions, six documentaries, six short fiction, three experimental and two animations.

After the ceremony of the official awards of Fica 2016 were also presented the winners of the project Se Liga no Fica, which held Community audiovisual workshops in eleven schools in Goiás.
The project jurors pointed out that the relationship between cinema and the school is critical and must be stepped up, and that all participants deserve recognition for participation, protagonism of students throughout the process. Because of this, the three films highlighted by the jury were: Plantar, cuidar e colher, by Escola Lar São José; Esquadrão Cerrado, by Colégio Estadual Dom Abel; and Água que te quero água, by Escola Estadual Mestre Nhola.

Check out the full list of winners:

Mostra Competitiva Fica 2016
Best Movie Popular Jury – Trophy Luiz Gonzaga Soares and Best Goiana Production – Trophy João Bennio
Taego Ãwa

2nd Best Goiana Production – Trophy José Petrill
E o Galo Cantou

Best Short Film – Trophy Acary Passos
La Petit Pousse

Best medium-length – Trophy Jesco Von Putkamer
Phum Shang

Best feature film – Trophy Carmo Bernardes
Remember Your Name, Babylon

Best film – Trophy Cora Coralina
La Supplication

Awards 14th Mostra ABD Cine Goiás
Best Actor Award: Jonatas Borges, the film Jonatas
Award for Best Actress: Mariana Nunes, the film Blaxploitation: A Rainha Negra
Award for best original soundtrack: Sankirtana, the film Reincidência
Best Sound Award: Vasconcelos Neto, for his work in three films Tereza Bicuda, Leblon Marista and Jonatas
Award for best editing: Fabricio Cordeiro and Luciano Evangelista for Leblon Marista
Award for best cinematography: Rei Souza for the film Muitos Me Seguem , Mas Só Deus Me Acompanha
Award for best art direction: Úrsula Ramos for the film E O Galo Cantou
Best Screenplay Award: Getulio Ribeiro for the film Jonatas
Best Director Award: Daniel Nolasco for the film Febre da Madeira
Award Martins Muniz best experimental film: Silêncio Não Se Escuta, by Rochane Torres and Tive Fome Colhi Sede, by Rafael Freire
Eduardo Benfica Award for the best documentary film: Febre da Madeira by Daniel Nolasco
Fifi Cunha Award for best animated film: Vida de Boneco by Flávio Gomes de Oliveira
Beto Leão Award for best fiction film: Jonatas by Getúlio Ribeiro