Palmares 18th CinemAmbiente 2015 (Turin, ITALY)


The jury members Margaret (Peggy) Parsons, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Nevina Satta, Valentin Thurn, and Pasquale Verdicchio award the best international documentary film prize (€4000) offered by Asja to

Bikes vs Cars by Fredrik Gertten
for its fresh look at a dilemma many people face every day. It makes you want to drive less and become part of the change.

The jury came to the unanimous opinion that more than one film running in competition deserved an honorable mention because each presents a different approach to environmental awareness and filmmaking.

The Special Mention prize goes to:

Life According to Ohad by Eri Daniel Elrich
for its originality and avant-garde filming and its raw, unconventional treatment of a compelling character, complex issues, and extraordinary circumstances.

The Messenger by Su Rynard
for creating a map future generations will need in order to understand the natural world, the creatures living in it, and their priceless inheritance.



The CinemAmbiente Audience Award (€1000) offered by IREN goes to

How to Change the World by Jerry Rothwell



The jury members Jacopo Chessa, Michele Fornasero, and Lisa Tropea award the best Italian documentary film prize (€2000) offered by CIAL to

Mare carbone by Gian Luca Rossi
for the democratic vocation expressed through the main character’s willingness to take risks in order to find his roots, build a future for himself, and take care of his own space.

The jury awards the Special Mention prize to

‘U Ferru by Marco Leopardi
for its dramatically told story about reconciling traditional and modern views about nature.



The jury members Natasha Despotovic, Antonella Frontani, and Massimiliano Mazzotta award the international one-hour film prize (€2000) offered by SMAT to

Saving Mes Aynak by Brent E. Huffman
for its balanced presentation and concise treatment of the political, cultural, human, social, and environmental issues in present day Afghanistan.

The jury awards the Special Mention prize to

Dark Side of the Chew by Andrew Nisker
for its novel and breezy approach to the ubiquitous, albeit unrecognized, problem of chewing gum.



Offered by the Compagnia di San Paolo
The jury members Leonardo Bizzaro, Enrico Camanni, and Tiziano Fratus award the Torino e Le Alpi special prize to

Enchikunye/Coming Back Home by Sandro Bozzolo
for the originality of the story concept: an encounter between two very different people – a shepherdess and a Masai girl – in the Maritime Alps. The jury particularly appreciated the ethereal atmosphere, the silent dialogues, and the economy of gestures that typify the start of a relationship.



The jury members Marco Avataneo, Angelo Fanelli, Roberto Lombardo, Valeria Munari, Giovanni Porquier, and Gabriella Serra award the prize offered by the Cooperativa Arcobaleno to the film that best presents green economy as an opportunity for creating jobs and social inclusion to

‘U FERRU by Marco Leopardi
for its well-paced, well-structured, and engagingly told story of swordfish fishing in the Straits of Messina. The documentary raises several questions: should the protagonist follow in his father’s footsteps, continue to perpetrate animal suffering and the predominance of man over prey?
Stupendous photography, solid narrative, and creative editing reveal an unexpected view of the sea, its indescribable beauty, and the profound relationship between man and the sea. A bold treatment of a genuine passion for fishing handed down from father to son. A final statement about those who seek a better future but find death instead. The responsibility lies not with the sea but with us.



This annual award is given in recognition of a writer who has dedicated a life to learning and writing about the environment and nature. The 2015 CinemAmbiente Acorns Award was presented to Davide Sapienza and Tiziano Fratus.



This honor section features films by renowned environmental filmmakers. CinemAmbiente 2015 is honored to have Luc Jacquet, whose March of the Penguins garnered him an Oscar, on hand at the Festival with his new film Ice and the Sky.



This year’s award for best film project goes to Seeking for Utopia by Anton Corbal.