Palmares 17th FICA (Goiás, BRAZIL)

After six days of screenings and intense debates, the jurys of the FICA – Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Ambiental voted for the graduates of the 17th edition. And the winners are…



Transgenic Wars

France, 2014 | 52′ | Director: Paul Moreira

There is a one in two chance that the pork chop you had for dinner last night came from an animal that had been fed on transgenic soy. This may surprise many people as the supermarkets, farmers and the industry in general are all suspiciously silent on the issue. What are they worried about, another food scandal? The march towards the dominance of GM products in agriculture started 15 years ago, but where will it end?



O Veneno Está na Mesa II 

Brazil, 2014 | 110′ | Director: Sílvio Tendler

After the impact of the first film, ‘The Poison Is On The Table II’ updates and goes deeper on the evil consequences for public health, caused by the use of chemicals in agriculture. This second feature focuses on the possible alternatives, respecting the environment, the country worker, and the consumer. With this documentary, comes a big question on which we must think: In which world do we want to live in? The poisoned world of the ‘aggro-business’ or the world of freedom and agricultural diversity?



Índio Cidadão?

Brazil, 2014 | 52′ | Director: Rodrigo Siqueira



Galus Galus

Venezuela, 2013 | 12′ | Director: Clarissa Duque

Maybe, some time ago, he had a family. Maybe once, some time ago, he was loved. Maybe, some time, he had loved ones waiting for him, missing him. Today he is only a shadow, lost amongst all the shadows of the days that begin and no one sees. He is a shadow that wakes up in the sidewalk and rummages the trashcans, searching for plastic bottles or cans to sell for a few coins that will give him to eat for the day. It’s the fight to survive one more day, every day, one more day. Until one morning, life walks into his soulless world, and his life changes. Happiness is reborn in him, and he is gifted with his soul. Friendship walks into his world in a form of an egg and he decides to hold on to it. The egg grows to become a rooster, a loyal friend, a forever companion and a true family. With Rooster, the man’s world accommodates under the shade of an old tree, and their strong friendship seems to sing in the air of the indifferent city, in the slope of a hill loaded with misery. And imaginary seas cross each other, and kites play in the sky of a metropolis, Caracas, that is now seen with new eyes, discovering the grace of the daily life. What evil powers will be able to separate this man from his loyal friend?


TROFÉU JOÃO BENNIO (Melhor Filme Goiano)

Lobo Solitário – A Saga de um Brasileiro

Brazil, 2015 | 28′ | Director: Ranulfo Borges


TROFÉU BERNARDO ELIS (Segundo Melhor Filme Goiano)

Maria Macaca 

Brazil, 2015 | 15′ | Director: Lázaro Ribeiro



My Name is Salt 

India, Switzerland, 2013 | 92′ | Director: Farida Pacha

Little Rannn of Kutch. 50,000 square km of saline wilderness in the north of the Gujarat region of India, a featureless expanse of flat land, devoid of trees, rocks or grass. Here, Sanabhai migrates with his family from his village, together with thousands of others like him, men and women who, since generations past and for generations still, farm salt for 8 months of the year from September to April. Without water, electricity or any amenities, they work till the monsoons arrive and the sea invades the salt desert, creating the whitest salt in the world.



El Rio que nos Atraviesa

Venezuela, 2013 | 71′ | Director: Manuel Blanco



Maria Macaca 

Brazil, 2015 | 15′ | Director: Lázaro Ribeiro



Guinée: Le Territoire des Oubliés

France, 2013 | 49′ | Director: Philippe Lafaix