One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival: Welcome to the GFN!

It’s a great pleasure for the GFN to know that there are new initiatives in the world that promote the environmental care through artistic and cultural works like cinema. This time our welcome is for One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

One World is a human rights documentary film festival that kicks off every year in March in Prague and then moves to more than 30 other towns and cities around the Czech Republic.
The environment and natural resources are important parts of the human rights agenda.
One World offers a traditional category called “So-called Civilisation” in which films with environmental topics, including modern lifestyles, are shown.
The environment is directly linked to other human rights issues such as poverty, migration and land grabbing.

The 19th edition of One World Human Rights Documentary Film festival will be held on 7-16 March 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.