Los rosales, when a rose keeps hope alive

Technology is a big step of course, and makes life easier (read faster) but sometimes I feel the need of going ‘natural’ finding beauty in analog, where you don’t have the ‘command +Z’ (undo) actions and you force yourself to learn from mistakes. We are all imperfect humans and every mistake counts for evolution“.

los rosales

These are words of Daniel Ferreira, director of “Los Rosales: a short film produced by Fabrica, the study center communication research of Benetton Group and winner at CineAmazonia Festival 2014 (member of Green Film Network) as Best Screenplay, Best Animation and Best Film. Always in the 2014, Los Rosales has been awarded as Best Short Film at Palm Springs Festival.

In a post apocalyptic world in the style of “Blade Runner”, a robot makes the same, strenuous operations day after day: he has to create a red rose, the only natural element in a completely robotic and mechanical world. This rose is the only robot’s food and, last but not least, it is the only source of spiritual nourishment in an ugly and repetitive world. Where everything is gray, this rose is the only colorful detail, a source of beauty that, just like in the “Little Prince”, keeps hope alive.


Daniel Ferreira says: “The main idea I tried to share is the ‘fear of unknown’ which lies in every human being, as we try to overcome ourselves, our fears, challenging us to a next stage. Sometimes we get too comfortable living in a square space with machines making our lives easier, when, instead, they should challenge us for more“.

This forced balance lasts until something goes wrong and the rose doesn’t blossom anymore …. What can our robot do? He will be forced to face his fear, because the rose was fundamental in his life.


“Los Rosales” is a stop motion film. The director tells us: “You move a puppet a millimeter, take a picture, move again, take another picture, and at the end you have a sequence of pictures with the puppet moving by itself without your hands there. As a filmmaker, I am a maker, a creator of worlds, of fantasy. And every job is a creative field – since we give our contribution to the world in any field“.

A world in which, although technology can succeed, evolve and even prevail, we can never be apart from natural element. “If we loose the sense of playfulness and stop seeing beauty in the natural (opposite to the mechanical), then we are lost in the search for meaning, then we are already a machine. We should love what we do, and loving is not peaceful at all – it is conflict, it is challenge, it is conquer and it is evolving each day a little. That is living, from my point of view“.