Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2014. The winners.

The winners of the 2014 Innsbruck Nature Film Festival are:


1st prize: “Virunga: The Movie” – Orlando von Einsiedel

2nd prize: “Mustang – Flucht aus den Bergen” – Holger Riedel

3rd prize: “ARE VAH – Documentaire Interactif” – Micha Patault & Sarah Irion
honorable mention:


1st prize: “Grünes Gold” – Barbara Marheineke
2nd prize: “3 Acres in Detroit” – Nora Mandray
3rd prize: “Wake Up Call” – Steve Cutts
honorable mention: “Nuit Blanche” – Benjamin Burghartz


1st prize: “Einsicht” – Janick Entremont
2nd prize: “Frog” – Constanze Holas, Theresa Holas, Elisa Klausner
3rd prize: “Nuclear Winter” – Megan Taite, Jefferson Tolentino, Erwin Bonifacio, Robert Mullally, Shane Donohue, Jack Travers
honorable mention: “The One Who Drills Rocks” – Tadeusz Baraniecki

INFF 2014