Greenpeace Film Festival People’s Award

With more than 9000 votes, Empathie, Spanish documentary directed by E. Antoja, wins the Public Prize of the first edition of the Greenpeace Film Festival. This film reveals, in a quirky and sympathetic way, all the abuses and aberrations of the use of animals in our way of life, figures and facts in support.
In total, the Festival counted more than 30,000 votes and more than 160,000 people watched the selected films.

Empathy is a lively and likeable film that asks the right questions about our relationship to the animal, without ever showing shocking images but noting all the abuses and aberrations of the use of animals in our way of life. Neither guilt nor extremist, since it starts from the point of view of a “carnivore” little concerned about the animal condition, this film reviews all the facts and figures concerning animals, and assesses. In the end, he lets the viewer draw his own conclusions.

This film came first in front of Futur d’Espoir, a documentary by a promising 17-year-old director who highlights the difficulties of the agricultural world while highlighting the many positive initiatives. Through a series of portraits, this documentary gives pride of place to local actors and actresses and delivers striking testimonials from personalities such as the economist Serge Latouche, the biologist Gilles-Eric Séralini or the botanist Gilles Clément. He received the special mention of the most viewed movie on the entire competition and recorded more than 6,500 votes.