Green Film Network AWARD is the transnational award for the best environmental documentary of the year

Each year a festival, supported by the GFN, hosts the “GFN Award” taking charge of the organization and the prize.
Each GFN’s member presents a documentary, chosen from his last edition and produced in his own country, to show the diversity and the strength of environmental documentary creations around the world.
An international jury has to watch the films on a private platform and award one of the documentaries.

Planet in Focus, Canada’s foremost and longest running environmental film festival, is honoured to be hosting the 4th Annual International Green Film Network Awards, 2017.

Green Cinema Award
To recognize and applaud the world’s best environmental film of the year. The films nominated represent the “Best International Film” screened at each of the GFN’s almost 40 festivals around the world.

*NEW* Green Vision Award
To promote, encourage and give a global platform to national productions in order to develop and strengthen the professional environmental cinema of the Green Film Network member countries.