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Film Festival (Bruxelles, BELGIUM)

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The Green Up Film Festival is a festival of documentaries about Environment and Green Economy.

Organized every year in Bruxelles and online by the association Wake Up!, the objective of the festival is to make the widest public aware of the following themes:

  1. energy;
  2. biodiversity;
  3. pollution / waste,
  4. food / agriculture,
  5. water;
  6. economy.

Besides the documentaries screened free of charge, the festival tries to open, in a positive and constructive way, new perspectives by showing how it is possible to invent a sustainable lifestyle: in Bruxelles during the Public day or on its web site, tips and behaviours for every theme are suggested to reduce our ecological footprint in daily life.

The goal is to help to answer the question : « what can i do ? »

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Thursday 15 January 2015

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