International Nature Film Festival


The mission

International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő plans to offer an opportunity for nature filmmakers to present their work to a wider public and for the films to be evaluated. A good opportunity will be offered to the highest quality, prize-winning films and their creators to become recognized at an international level.
Other side the aim of the International Nature Film Festival is to help make people aware of the sensitivity of our planet and to help us learn about the environment that surrounds us.

The Festival of Gödöllő hopes to become the festival of the Carpatian Basin. We wish to strenghten the connection among studios and artists, fostering ideas leading to internationally acclaimed projects. And we would like to recognize artists and studios in other countries.
In 2016, nearly 300 films and several thousand guests arrived to Gödöllő from 34 countries. At the Festival we showed 100 films free of charge over a period of five days and registered 10,500 program participants (thanks to the Cinematography programmes artists presents the venue of the movie and audience can meet and discuss with them).

Visitors could watch films at five locations during the festival. These were the Royal Riding Hall, the House of Arts, the town Library, the Cinema and the Main Square (outdoor mivie). The most favored location was the Riding Hall of the Royal Palace, which was also the scene of the Nature Photo exhibition.
Two film reviews took place under the auspices of the Festival, one International and one focusing on the Carpathian Basin. In additional to the films, entertaining nature-preservation and environmental-protection programs took place within the framework of a three-day Jamboree, there was an outdoor photography exhibition entitled “Enchanting Hungary” and visitors had the opportunity to attend cinematic-arts and environmental-protection conferences and a “Jam for Nature” musical talent show in order to draw attention to our sensitive planet!

Plans for 2017

In 2017 we would like to widen the territory and the audience of the International Nature Film Festival, Gödöllő. We enter to negotiations with the network of art cinemas. During the Festival almost every bigger town in Hungary will organise the „Days of the Nature”, when families and students can make a movie free and can increase their knowledges by the additional environment programmes.