Green Montenegro International Film Fest


Green Montenegro International Film Fest 2017 – third edition

This year, the Green Montenegro International Film Fest 2017 (GMIFF) is held in the Culture Centre of Danilovgrad, in Nikšić Theatre, Hotel Splendid in Bečići, and in almost all primary and secondary schools in Montenegro as agreed and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

The Festival will be held from 14 to 16 December 2017. The organisers of this year’s GMIFF are: Culture Centre of Danilovgrad, NGO Centre for Multimedia Production (CEZAM), NGO Montenegrin Universal Theatre, with the support of the Municipality of Danilovgrad, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Education.

The GMIFF is a conceptual film festival on the topic of environmental protection. The aim of the festival is to develop and raise awareness on the need for protection and preservation of the environment, through artistic impulse and improvement of knowledge and the level of information on ecology, through learning about global trends pursued by Montenegro, and thus it represents a great step forward on that path. The festival is educational and non-commercial, of competitive nature, divided into three categories: 1. Ecology, 2. The Ecology of the Soul, 3. Promotional Tourist Films. In addition to the accolades for the first, second and third place in the above categories, a Grand Prix is also awarded for the best achievement in the festival.

The jury members who will be judging the films in the festival category “The Ecology of the Soul” are Mr Gojko Kastratović, film and TV director, long-time director and founder of the Montenegrin Film Archive – president of the jury, Ms Maja Bogojević, film theoretician / critic and editor of Camera Lucida and Ms Sara Radović, producer.

Members of the international jury who will judge the films in the category “Ecology” are: president of the jury Mr Mustafa Mustafić, director of photography and film director (Sarajevo, BiH), Ms Vesna Radunović, a long-time host and editor at the TV Montenegro, former president of the Montenegrin Cultural Center in New York and vice president of the Montenegrin World Association (New York, USA) and Mr Daniel Pavlić, film director and director of the PRESS festival and the SEFF Emerald Ecological Film Festival Sisak (Kostajnica, Croatia). The festival category “Promotional Tourist Films” will be judged by students of the Faculty of Arts from the University of Donja Gorica.

The GMIFF Council members are: Slobodan Marunović – actor, Prince Nikola Petrović – the President of the Petrović Njegoš Foundation, Dr Vukić Pulević – academician, Dr Mihailo Burić, Branko Lukovac – diplomat, Ljubiša Perović – Head of Diplomatic Protocol at the MFA of Montenegro, Blagota Marunović – Advisor for International Relations in the Parliament of Montenegro Gore, Aleksandar Andrija Pejović – Minister of European Affairs, Nikola Medenica – Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Željka Radak-Kukavičić – Director of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, Ivana Vojinović – Director of the Directorate for Environmental Protection, Damir Davidović – State Secretary for Tourism at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Mladen Vušurović – producer (BelDocs), Gojko Kastratović – director, Slađana Pavlović – assistant to the Minister of Health, Darko Mrvaljević – project manager, Daliborka Pejović – member of the Parliament of Montenegro, and Dr Miodrag Đurović –  President of the Local Assembly of Danilovgrad.

The Green Montenegro International Film Fest is starting to be recognised as a centre of ecological and cultural identity of the state of Montenegro, as well as a driver of concrete actions and sustainable ideas in the field of protection and preservation of natural resources of our country. The significance of the project is reflected in the fact that, as of this year, the GMIFF has mapped Montenegro in the world list of the Green Film Network environmental events and thus made the festival internationally recognised with the aim of creating a particular image and exclusivity of the first constitutionally defined ecological country on the planet.

During the programme, 93 films will be screened, 19 out of which in two competition categories – category Ecology (10 films) and the Ecology of the Soul (9 films). The promotional tourist films (60 films) will be evaluated by the students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Donja Gorica. Within the accompanying programme, 14 films will be screened.

The screenings will also take place within the framework of the Chronicle of Bar, as well as at the University of Donja Gorica.

Last year, through the second edition of the Green Montenegro International Film Fest 2016, the town of Danilovgrad was mapped as a UN ecological town within the European Mobility Week. Distinguished guests, UN representatives to Montenegro, members of the diplomatic corps, the political and cultural scene, public life and international guests announced their attendance at the opening of this year’s edition of the Festival.

The project is a direct response to Montenegro’s need to permanently get an original film festival, based on the concept of ecology, which will contribute to the development of social thought and the shaping of further trends in the development of culture, education and social activism aimed at environmental protection. The Festival also unites contemporary tendencies of the intertwining of different social sectors, such as public institutions, cultural institutions, the NGO sector, etc.

The last year’s second edition of the GMIFF, which was a central event on the occasion of marking the 25th anniversary of Montenegro’s proclamation as an ecological state, was assessed as very successful and the Festival as such was recognised as in many ways essential to the ecological state of Montenegro, the Montenegrin culture and education, as well as significant and essential to the generation of young filmmakers who are studying at the Montenegrin universities and abroad.

A special guest of this year’s Festival is the Republic of Macedonia.
The project is supported by: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, and Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro. The Festival is organised by: Centre for Multimedia Production (CEZAM), Montenegrin Universal Theatre, and Culture Centre of Danilovgrad.

The partners of the Festival are: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro (NTOCG), UNDP, Belgrade International Green Culture Festival – Green Fest, and Sisak Eco Film Festival – SEFF.

The friends of the Festival are: Hotel Splendid, Nikšić Theatre, Chronicle of Bar, Metropolis, 13. jul – Plantaže, and Krš Radio.

The media sponsor of the Festival is the Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG).

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Sunday 08 July 2018

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