Festival du Film Vert

(60 differents cities, SWITZERLAND and FRANCE)

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The Festival du film vert has been created

-> to show little known films on current environmental topics

The idea for the festival came from two observations. First, cinema is intrinsically a very effective mean for explaining complex issues like those related to ecology. Secondly, there are many excellent documentaries that are only very rarely shown, as most of the time, they do not get released in the cinemas , TV channels prefer their own productions and the public is not used to buy DVDs any more.

-> to focus on less well-known topics

In the media, the major environmental issues are definitely on the agenda: newspapers, radio and television are speaking all the time about global warming, energy or GMOs. This is certainly a good thing, but there is no doubt that most of these questions deserve further consideration and there are also many other topics that should not be forgotten, like industrial food, privatization of water, raw materials for nuclear power, threats to biodiversity, etc.

Our Commitment

The first edition of the Green Film Festival (Festival du Film Vert) was held in Orbe in February 2006. Its purpose was to present a selection of films dealing with issues related to the environment, sustainable development and the North-South relations. After 3 years of activity with no real structure, the association Les Films Verts was created on October 2nd 2008 in order for us to become stronger. Our tenth edition has been held during the month of March 2015 in thirty different cities spread across the six French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, as well as in three cities in France and in Zurich (in German). Total attendance was about 7,000 spectators, now a stable figure after a steady increase in previous years.


The now traditional opening night was held February 28th 2015 at the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne in a lively atmosphere. On this occasion, the 6th Prix Tournesol (Sunflower Documentary Award) went to the film Chasing Ice from American director Jeff Orlowski. As for the price Greenpeace Switzerland 2015, it has been awarded to the film Sacrée croissance from French director Marie-Monique Robin. This last film was also selected by the selection committee as this year’s mandatory movie, which means that it has been screened in all of the participating cities.

The feedback from the audience and its growing numbers reinforce our motivation to develop a festival happening in many different locations and programming each year quality films on current and emerging issues such as the food sovereignty of the South, GMO, energy issues, climate change, planned obsolescence, etc. The search for solutions to these challenges is increasingly focused on by film directors and also encouraged by the selection committee of the festival, who all strive to make our festival a place where ideas are exchanged and actions can emerge.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Monday 15 October 2018

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