Green Documentary Film Festival (Moscow-Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA)


ECOCUP Green Documentary Film Festival is an annual international green documentary film festival in Moscow and other cities in Russia.

ECOCUP is the exiting documentary films forum in Russia to know what is really going on at our planet. During the whole year we search for films around the world, films that will be particularly interesting for the Russian audience. Every year we bring new films from USA, Canada, Italy, Germany and other countries. All films are screened at the original language with Russian subtitles. After every screening we have open discussions with Russian and foreign experts.

The Festival brings together filmmakers, green artists, designers, photographers and ecologically aware audience. It offers evening screenings, meetings with filmmakers, discussions, eco-fair, morning coffee screenings and many many more.

ECOCUP started in Moscow at 2010. Today the festival is taking place in cities and towns across Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and soon – Belorussia.

Documentary films are one of the best alternative information sources. And it’s a good start to discuss big environmental issues. The main idea of ECOCUP is to act as a catalyst for free information exchange.

We want to demonstrate that caring about our environment is a conscious choice.

  • Action will bring results
  • Talking about the environment can be a serious and interesting topic
  • Our guests are not there just to show problems, but to offer solutions.
  • Every single one of us can change the world and make it a better place.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Saturday 01 September 2018

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