International Documentary and Short Film Festival (Prizren, KOSOVO)

Dokufest 2013

International Documentary and Short Film Festival DokuFest started in 2002 with the screening of some 20 films, mostly from Kosovo and the neighboring countries utilizing the only remaining cinema in Prizren. Each consecutive year saw increase in number of films screened, number of parallel activities as well as significant growth in attendance, leading to introduction of alternative cinema’s that incorporated city’s landmarks into its agenda of promoting the city through culture.

In 2009 DokuFest introduced the environmental component of the festival through the Green Dox category. This new component brought another dimension and spirit to the festival and is now inseparable part of the program that aims to increase the awareness and raise the attention on environmental issues on local and global level.

Further, DokuFest utilizes its own event to organize debates that tackle crucial environmental issues in Kosovo. In 2011 it hosted a debate on “Renewable Energy Perspective in Kosovo” while in 2012 this topic continued through Coal or Alternative Energy – The future of Energy in Kosovo.

Given the importance of the environmental context locally and globally, DokuFest finds it of outmost importance to expand the activities in awareness raising and education process when it comes to environmental issues. In addition to presenting a prize to the winner of the Green Dox Category, DokuFest will extend its activities in organizing televised debates that would tackle emerging environmental issues in Kosovo.

Moreover, the organization will utilize the winning documentary of 2011 “The Kingdom of Coal” as educational tool, screening it to over 500 high school students that would be followed by debates focused on environment and energy alternatives. DokuFest also plans to utilize its existing Kino Clubs in production of environmental films through filmmaking trainings and workshops to high-school students that would result in six documentaries and/or short films addressing environmental problems. These films would be screened as a special sub-program of the Green Dox in 2013.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Wednesday 28 February 2018

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