It is said that is in our hands to find creative responses to the old and the new challenges posed by the current way of development. What has been said about the environment? What about climate change? Is this not a serious problem?

Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico, has been dreaming for four years about a change in our relationship with the planet, the beings with whom we coexist with, it’s natural resources and among ourselves.

We can’t continue to operate from a logic based on the generation of economic wealth at all costs, this is a way to close the doors to the future, a project based on a policy of energy inputs, extraction of natural resources, will eventually encounter serious constraints to growth.

The Festival understands cinema as a vehicle of transformation, as a promoter of a culture oriented towards environmental conservation.

7th edition , April 14th to 19th. 2015 .

Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico celebrates its seventh edition with energy as the core issue. At a time when the world turns its gaze to energy and natural resources as a way of economical developing, but without taking in consideration that they are non-renewable resources. It is increasingly urgent to understand and develop new forms of energy production that do not deplete the life of all beings on this planet.

            We will open with the world premiere of Disnaynature’s Monkey Kingdom, we will project movies that address the issue of energy in the Focus section, in the Official Selection in Competition we’ll present 9 international documentaries, Earth, the Mexican section consists of 6 films of national production, in Worlds we have four titles by French filmmaker Nicolas Vanier, Echoes of this year will present Cine’Eco International Environmental Festival Cinema da Serra da Estrela Seia, Portugal. Popcorn section, for children and young public, will show four films and 21 short films. In the special presentations we’ll show Tracks by John Curran and Mia Wasikowska’s the brilliant performance, Unplugged by Mladen Kovacevic leads us to the world of traditional leaves musicians in Serbia and the premiere in Mexico of Black Ice, Greenpeace’s new production. For the closing of the festival we’ll watch Changing the World by Jerry Rothwell, a film that takes place in 1971 when a group of friends navigates to a nuclear test site to protest and capture the world’s imagination. Using previously unseen archive material it breathes life into this extraordinary world. It is the story of the pioneers who founded Greenpeace and defined the modern environmental movement.

            We’ll also present the show Commonplace by Waldo Facco and Kristos Lezama, and Strange Enemy, audio-visual experiment by Bruno Varela. We will make our traditional bicycle ride with the most important cycling groups of Cuernavaca, culminating in the Bike Cinema projecting Bikes vs Cars by filmmaker Fredrik Gertten.

            The academic part of Cinema Planeta, Work in Progress will cover three films that are in production. We’ll continue to work in Environmental Classrooms in which 20,000 students will attend the theaters with the help of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos and the Academy of Sciences of Morelos to support us with talks and debates at the end of the projections. From 2009 until now, we have taken more than 60,000 students to the movies, offering them tools to transform them in engines of change.

            It’s time to transform our actions, like the wind, use the constant and noble heart as the movement of the waves and illuminate our mind with the Sun in search of greener and renewable energy, which undoubtedly would ensure progress to take us to unsuspected places for many centuries!