Belgrade Green Fest

Belgrade International Green Culture Festival "Green Fest" (Serbia)

Belgrade International Green Culture Festival “Green Fest” was founded in 2010, and very quickly became the largest environmental festival in the South East Europe region, that binds environmental and cultural activities through film screenings, workshops, lectures, debates, exhibitions and innovations which are shaping this festival into the form that connects and brings together people of all professions and ages.

Every November in Belgrade, we organize the biggest festival of a kind in the region of South East Europe, where we screen the best and the newest films, hold workshops for primary, secondary and university students, professional and general public, present exhibitions, products, projects, initiatives with large, and growing, number of visitors from the entire region. Green Fest is not only the festival, but also incubator of knowledge and international cooperation and exchange. Besides screenings of short and full feature films, we are also hosts to their authors and filmmakers , lecturers, professionals and exhibitors from the entire world, who are very keen to be our guests. With their presence and availability to the visitors, we create stimulating environment for knowledge and experience exchange, meeting up and hanging out, and this is why this festival touches in the hearts of many, who have visited it and came back, from year to year, for more.

Thanks to the chosen methodology in activities implementation, in 2010, when the festival was held for the first time, we received the award “Stars of Belgrade” for the best project supported by the City of Belgrade. As the festival grew, from year to year, recognitions from international community also arrived. In 2015 we received certificate “EFFE label” (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) issued by DG Culture and European Festival Association.

The festival is divided in to 3 programs:


Film program of International Green Culture Festival is the main program of the festival which attracts large audience and it is divided in two main segments: Amateur and short film competition program and revue program. Video activism has always been important part of the festival and Call for proposal every year gathers hundreds of films from around the globe.
Within this program, visitors can see the newest high-quality films, award winners from festivals around the world. This is also the program that attracts most of the visitors, and often, due to the numerous audience, some of the visitors are sitting on the stairways in the Grand Hall of Belgrade Youth Centre.
In the last 6 years, we have received over 1500 films in Call for Entries, while only in 2015 – total of 695 films arrived. Every year we award the film authors in several categories, and since this year we have opened category for best national film.
So far, we have screened over 600 films, of which 64 was awarded with an Award or Special Mention. In Award Ceremony, we often have film authors and Embassy representatives receiving the Award on author’s behalf.


Green Field is a “knowledge incubator” on environment topics – Scientific and educational segment of Festival explores new knowledge and tendencies in the environmental and creative education through the use of pear to pear and expert approach and new technologies. Program consists of workshops and lectures dedicated for primary, secondary and university students, as well as, general and professional public. Main aim of this program is presentation of the newest findings, not well known, and that are still not part of education curriculum. Workshop leaders and lecturers come from professional institutions, faculties and international organizations.


Green Square is accompanying program of the festival where we present artists, organizations and individuals who develop green ideas and projects. Green products, exhibitions, projects and initiatives form the welcoming square in all halls of Belgrade Youth Centre, attracting the attention of visitors with it’s interesting and unusual content. Complex, yet simple space, invites you to explore new ideas that will build new green future for all.

Additionally, every year we have:


In order to accomplish all tasks in due time and the best way possible, every year, we include a number of young people willing to gain new work experiences. By now, we have engaged around 220 youths, trained them to learn to be personally responsible for tasks implementation, to be sensitive towards social responsibility and solidarity, and also to understand and work on recognition of role of youth in the society.
After being a part of the festival, some of volunteers associated and opened their organizations in different publically important areas, while others had a chance to volunteer in other international festivals which are Green Fest partners.


Integral part of the festival is social campaign, which we start with aim to raise awareness of the citizens and putting some of the most important topics in the focus. In previous years supported the campaigns “Bottle Cap for Handicap” by Association of paraplegics and quadriplegics of Banat, “My neighbor without roof” by Red Cross Palilula and Smart Kolektiv.
Together with visitors, we collected books for Library “Vlada Aksentijevic” in Obrenovac, that was ruined in floods in May 2014.
We also taught visitors to properly dispose dangerous and electronic waste – gave them presents, and collected waste was sent for recycling, keeping the healthy environment in Serbia.

The deadline for the next festival edition is set for: Sunday 19 August 2018

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