EFFA, the future is bright!

Interview with Philippe Théou and Antoine Avignon, founders and organizers of EFFA – Environmental Film Festival in Albania. 

Despite a pretty young age – three years – the festival in Albania already runs in several cities of the country. For their next edition they plan 8 locations – Tirana, Shkodra, Përmet, Skrapar, Vlora, Valbona, Ersekë and Gjirokastër.  All around the country! It is organized by  the Albanian Ministry of Environment and the Delegation of the European Union in Albania. And it outdoor and it is trying its best in making the education and awareness in the most entertaining way.


The festival brings famous documentaries, international as well as Albanian, but also offers the voice to young Balkan film makers. Together with the competition, there is a special lab aiming to support anybody who is working with the environmental topics.

We continue exploring the festivals of the network with our monthly interviews. This time we have a surprise! Philippe and Antoine made us a special video interview edition. Welcome to the story of EFFA!