EFFA 16 palmares

On Sunday 05th June 2016, the EFFA – ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL ALBANIA Jury ended the unbearable suspense and nominated the Awards of EFFA 2016!

Best Films:

1. One for the River : The Vjosa Story by the Leeway Collective
Jury words: “For its spirited and unique narrative, in these troubled times comes a film that is both powerful and successful at bringing back to its full glory the dignity of our river Vjosa. What starts as a kayak journey of three young idealists, grows in strength as plans to destroy the biodervsity of this river jewel are halted, then approved. What began as an initiative by three Slovenian biologists, is a concern that should be supported by all Albanians and their Balkan neighbours.”

2. Waste Mandala by Alessandro Bernard & Paolo Ceretto
Jury words: “Though the film focuses on the tragic conditions of waste in Nepal, it seems as if the filmmaker walked the streets of Albania. We hope that the film is seen worldwide and here in Albania to show how personal and local initiatives can actually help and transform societies from the ground up.”

Best Films:

1. The Fox of Shichigorosawa by Yuki Koji & Sugihara Tune
Jury words: “A beautiful, sad tale of a fox that needs to migrate far, far away in order to survive. With a clear message this haunting animation film brings forth an issue that touches us all, through an excellent use of long forgotten poetry, songs and lovely music.”

2. Ma Forêt by Sebastien Pins
Jury words: “As we grow and run in our modern lives, we seem to forget our relationship to nature.Ma Forêt isa poetic invitation to go back to those moments of pure bliss & poetry, an homage to the forever beauty and wonder of nature, which comes alive through the joy of a little boy in the woods.”

Best Films:
1. Frymemarrje by Nisma Vullnetare

2. IBA-s of Northwest Albania by ASPBM

Best Films:

1.Wild Albania by Cornelia Volk

2. The man (plastic) by Elton Baxhaku & Eriona Çami