DREFF (Santo Domingo): Welcome to the GFN!

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and its initiative, Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF), are part of the global association of environmental film festivals Green Film Network (GFN). The GFN brings together some of the major film festivals that happen annually around the globe with focus on environmental issues.

The environment has been at the forefront of GFDD/FUNGLODE’s mission since its very beginning. The Foundation’s work in the development of national and international networks, the discussion of pressing issues, training programs that have brought national experts together with the most prominent international leaders in the field, comes to fruition with the creation of an Environmental Film Festival as a natural addition to its environmental program.

DREFF aims to raise awareness and deepen the understanding of environmental issues among Dominican audiences. At the same time, the Festival celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Dominican Republic’s natural heritage and offers insights into attitudes and actions that will contribute to its appreciation, conservation and sustainable use.

By screening a diverse selection of high quality films that deal with pressing issues, and by organizing discussion panels with environmental experts, filmmakers and other stakeholders, the Festival seeks to promote dialogue and inspire Dominican viewers to adopt practices that will ensure the country’s environmental sustainability and health.

By bringing together young people, scholars, experts, activists, filmmakers, representatives from the public and private sector, non-governmental organizations, as well as wide audiences from all walks of life, the Festival promotes programs and projects that contribute to environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.

GFDD’s Executive Director and Director of the DREFF, Natasha Despotovic, expressed her “pride of belonging to this important organization, whose main purpose is to support the work of international directors and to promote films that create awareness of environmental issues”.