CinemAmbiente 2018 Film Awards

The 21th edition of CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival has ended on June 5th with the Award Ceremony.
And the Winners are…

ASJA Energy Award for Best International Documentary
Genesis 2.0
by Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev (Switzerland 2018, 103’)
“Original handling of the material, comparison of apparently distant worlds, analysis of the opportunities and threats of biogenetics, cinematographic quality, and development of the characters”.

IREN Audience Award – Main sponsor CinemAmbiente
Do You Trust this Computer?
by Chris Paine (USA 2018, 78’)

SMAT Award for Best One Hour Documentary
by Petteri Saario (Finland 2017, 58’)
“The story of a young woman fighting to protect her town in Finland is a story of hope. Riikka puts education and activism first to reveal an important truth: the environment is not a local issue but rather an urgent call for everyone. Activist gives clear proof of what each of us – no matter what age – can do to make a difference”.

CiAl Award for Best Italian Documentary
Il Monte delle formiche
by Riccardo Palladino (Italy 2017, 63’)
“The power of a story as only nature knows how to tell it: the mystery of a day when thousands of flying ants gather as children play in a natural landscape where light and shadow dance in rhythm to the music. The story takes on a new dimension when the ants swarm together as if accepting their collective role in the natural cycle of events.

Best Short Film award
Ondes noires
by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (France 2017, 21’)
“The film stimulates reflection on a little studied type of pollution – electromagnetic pollution – and examines the impact exposure to electromagnetic fields can have on humans. Through the testimony of people with electrical sensitivity the film gives an account of how the condition can affect our lives”.

The Arcobaleno Social Cooperative Environment and Society award
The Green Lie
by Werner Boote (Austria 2018, 97’)
“The film teaches us to raise our sights beyond what the multinationals would have us believe about the sustainability and social justice of their products and processes, making “green” a mere color. The film shows us how to be citizens and not consumers and reminds us that to effect change we must fight the battle together”.

Legambiente Special Mention
The Milk System
by Andreas Pichler (Italy/Germany 2017, 91’)
“The film takes us into the economic, environmental, and human workings of milk production, starting from man’s discovery of this animal product eons ago and the eternal question of why cows make milk”.

WWF Special Mention award for the best film about preservation of biodiversity
Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins
by Irina Žuravleva and Vladislav Grišin (Russia 2018, 53’)
“The beauty of the photography, the naturalness of the animals in their eco-ethological setting, and the timelessness of the landscapes that provide the necessary guidelines for conservation of our planet’s biodiversity”.

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