EFF 2015

EFF (Washington, D.C., USA) announces 2015 Award Winners.

The jurys of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital voted for the graduates of the 23rd edition...
Festival du Film Vert

10th Festival du Film Vert (Le Sentier, SWITZERLAND). The Winners.

After thirty-one days of screenings and intense debates, the jurys of the Festival du Film Vert voted for the graduates of the 10th edition...

5th Filmambiente. Upcoming Deadline: Apr 15th, 2015

The 5th Filmambiente Film Festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), August 27th to September 2nd, 2015...

3rd EFFA (Tirana, ALBANIA). Upcoming Deadline: Apr 10th, 2015

The organisators of the third edition of the Environmental Film Festival in Albania (16-23 May 2015) are looking for woldwide environmental movies...
Michael Madsen in the tunnel of Onkalo

Into Eternity: A Film for the Future, a long-term solution for nuclear waste

On the road to progress, the humanity has made the mistake of not stopping before the price was too high.
Cinema Planeta

7th Cinema Planeta (April 14th-19th, 2015)

The 7th Edition of Cinema Planeta - Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente de México will happen from April 14th to April 19th, in Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico).

EFFA (Tirana, ALBANIA): Welcome to the GFN!

The Environmental Film Festival in Albania (EFFA) holds and defends the idea that the right to environment is a right for everyone...
ghiacci gfn cover

Making climate change visible: Chasing Ice

While the everlasting debate on climate change continues, Chasing Ice shows the glaciers retreat with time-lapse photography
sticky cover 4

Sticky. When extinction is not forever

An enlightening movie about extinction. An amazing real story…

4th RIEC - IWFE (April 12th-17th, 2015)

The International "Water & Film" Events are launching their…