8th EcoCup’s palmares

8th ECOCUP Green Documentary Film Festival‘s jury selected the winners. And this year there are two best films.

“We were watching at different aspects of films – the sustainable idea, environmental idea, technical quality. And in the end we decided to give the main price to two films as they equally deserve it”, – says the head of the Jury Vadim Vitovtsev.

The winners are
Honey Hunters by Krystian Matysek (Poland)
A quest for meaning by Nathanaël Coste, Marc de la Ménardière (France)

The jury also gave Special Mention to Babushkas of Chernobyl by Holly Morris (US) for the different and engaging approach in covering the Chernobyl topic.

The ECOCUP jury were
Vadim Vitovtsev, documentary filmmaker (Russia)
Alberto Gutieres and Jaume Quiles, founders of Rural Film Festival (Spain)
Tuna Ozcehadar and Pinar Oncel, founder of Sustainable Living Film Festival (Turkey)