7th International Green Culture Festival „Green Fest“ (Belgrade, Serbia)

The 7th International Green Culture Festival „Green Fest“ will be held November 15-18th 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia, under the slogan „One Day on Earth“.
“Green Fest” is the biggest annually held green event in the South-East Europe region.
Program of the festival is divided in three segments: GREEN FIELD, a place for opening of new approach to education through peer and expert education; GREEN SQUARE an informative-exhibition program dedicated to companies, organizations, civic initiatives, artists, social and student entrepreneur companies developing green product and initiatives; GREEN SCREEN FEST.
Films will be awarded in 7 categories: Best of the Fest, Best Serbian Film, Best Nature Film, Best Animated Film, Best Short Film, Best 1-minute Film, Best Youth Film.

The program will be announced, stay tuned!