5th Iran International Green Film Festival: deadline 2016, February 19th

The 5thIran International Green Film Festival will be held in May 13th – 20th, 2016, providing opportunities for closer communication between artists and the public in relation to environmental preservation and encouraging public participation in preserving the environment by using the medium of films.

Entries should have content in accordance to the culture and principles of preserving the environment, have a release date of January 1st 2011 and onwards, and are participant to the Iran International Green Film Festival for the first time.

The main theme for the 5th festival is water: water scarcity, water crisis, solutions to rehabilitate and conserve water resources such as oceans, seas, rivers, wetlands, aquifers, glaciers etc. Films that are related to the mentioned theme will have priority over other received products.

The 5thIran International Green Film Festival consists of competitive and non-competitive sections as presented below:

International Competition of Fiction Films, Documentary Films and Animations:

– Long Fiction Films (More than 50 minutes)

– Short Fiction Films (Less than 30 minutes)

– Long Documentary Films (More than 30 minutes)

– Short Documentary Films (Less than 30 minutes)

– Animations

The non-competitive section of the Festival:

This section includes seminars, conferences, speeches and workshops related to cultural, artistic and educational subjects regarding environmental protection.

Film Submission

There is no entry fee. The deadline for entry submissions is February 19th, 2016. Enrolling for the Festival is only possible through the internet. Hence all applicants should fill the special application form to be found in the Festival’s website  and receive their follow-up code latest by February 19th, 2016. This code should be inserted in the sent work in a seeable manner. Evidently, registering for the festival means that all the rules and regulations of participation have been accepted by the participant.

The list of the selected films will be available on the Festival’s official website in Mid-April 2016. If your film is not on the list will mean the film has been not selected. Directors, producers and distributors will be notified about the selected films via email.

For more information:  www.iigff.org.