5th IRAN INTERNATIONAL GREEN FILM FESTIVAL, 13th – 20th May, 2016 in Teheran, Iran

The 5th IRAN INTERNATIONAL GREEN FILM FESTIVAL will be held in May 13th – 20th, 2016 in Teheran.

1-Promotion of culture and increasing public awareness on environmental conservation

2-To promote closer bonds between artists and society on environmental protection subjects

3-To encourage higher quality of creative artistic and cinematic artworks on environmental concerns

1-To encourage public commitment to protect nature and environment through cinema and visual arts

2-To draw the attention of national and international authorities to the necessity of protecting the environment

3-To encourage and reward public, celebrities’ and authorities’ participation in protecting the environment

The 5th International Green Film Festival of Iran Sections:
The festival generally divides into two National and International sections. International competition includes competitive and non-competitive sections:
International Competition of Motion Pictures, Documentary Movies and Animations:

– Long Motion Pictures (More than 50 minutes)

– Short Motion Pictures (Less than 30 minutes)

– Long Documentary movies (More than 30 minutes)

– Short Documentary movies (Less than 30 minutes)

– Animations

Non Competitive
Non-competitive section includes Workshops, conferences, Seminars and speeches related to festival:

1-“Investigating impacts of visual arts on cultural and educational structures of environmental protection matters and the role of NGOs” workshop

2- “Renewal and Recycled energies” workshops

3- Educational workshops on “Protecting the environment at home, work, school, public locations and nature”

4- “Artworks’ Review and Criticism” workshops

5- Panel discussions with leading national and international filmmakers

6- Artwork review of one selected national and one selected international filmmaker and rewarding their achievements

7- Reward an individual or NGO with remarkable activities in environmental protection

8-Reward three selected green manufacturing or service companies and screen short introductions of their green activities in the festival

9- Reward three active artists in environmental protection acts