The best edition of ECOCUP

The 5th edition of ECOCUP International Green Documentary Film Festival took place in Moscow from February, 27th to March, 2d. The evening screenings took place at the new Center of Documentary Films, and morning non-formal screening were at anticaffee “Tziferblat”, where audience could meet filmmakers and experts at the cup of coffee.


That has been the best edition of ECOCUP so far. Tickets to several films were sold out some days before screening. Wider audience, more interest and level of discussion clearly demonstrated how situation changed for last 5 years of ECOCUP taking place in Moscow.


New programme presented 10 new films and short programme – first time in Russian language. Now these films are starting their travel in Russia: every year ECOCUP takes place in several cities and towns, there are screening also in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and soon – Belorussia.


5 filmmakers  came to Moscow to celebrate 5 years of ECOCUP. John Webster from Finland, director of “Recipes of disaster”  (the very first film of Moscow Festival); Caroline Bacle from Canada, whose film “Lost rivers” opened the Festival (during her stay in Moscow Caroline went underground to find Moscow “lost river” – Neglinka); Valerio Moser from Italy, producer of “Venice Syndrom” (his film had the greatest success at the Festival); Dan Susman from US, director of “Growing cities”, and, finally, Mareike Wegener from Germany presented the film “The Peak”.

ECOCUP is first green documentary film festival in Moscow.