3rd EFFA (Tirana, ALBANIA). Upcoming Deadline: Apr 10th, 2015

Festival Concept

The organisators of the third edition of the Environmental Film Festival in Albania (16-23 May 2015) are looking for woldwide environmental movies. Three categories of movies are concerned by this call : short movies (<20min), long movies (>20min) and EFFA lab movies.

The EFFA lab is a newly created part of the EFFA. This lab aim to help realisators to produce movies in Balkan on environmental subjects. The EFFA organisation will support balkanic movies, offering to the producers the possibility to personally present their work in Albania during the frame of the EFFA15, and offering them media attention. The EFFA organisation will also use the international network of festival to spread these movies worldwide after the EFFA 15.


Films that meet the following conditions will be considered by the jury for selection :

(1) The call for short, long and EFFA-lab movies is open to everyone (no limits are placed on nationality of filmmakers). The movies should be focused on environment in general. Every component of the environment can be concerned, and mutli-disciplinarity approaches will be accepted.

(2) Entries that have previously been submitted to the EFFA will not be accepted.

(3) To be part of the EFFA lab selection, the movies must be shooted in Balkans (Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania). There are no limits concerning the duration of these movies.

(4) Movies that have been part of any other festival before EFFA15 will not be accepted as part of the EFFA lab category. But they can be accepted in short or long movies competition.

(5) When using copyrighted works such as music and moving image in a film, entrants must complete required licensing procedures before submitting the film. If an award winner is later found not to obtain the copyright owner’s permission, its award may be canceled. The host assumes no responsibility for any issues on that matter.

Application Procedures

(1) Entry Fee : Free

(2) Entry Films : Entrants should submit a web-link or send the movies via e-mails, to the organisators of the EFFA15. Two pictures concerning the movie (poster and/or scenes of the movie), and a short synopsis in English should be included in the proposal. The categorie targeted must be underlined in the e-mail.

(3) Address : The e-mail adress of the Festival Organsation is environmentfestival.albania@gmail.com. An e-mail of confirmation will be send after reception of the proposal.

(4) Entry Deadline : Entry movies must be received by the organisation before the 10th April 2015, 11h59pm (local time).

Method of Selection

A jury established by the festival organisators will select a maximum of 10 movies for each categories. The selection will be done before the 18th of April 2015. The movies selected will be projected during the 3rd edition of the EFFA.

Awarding selection

During the EFFA 15, an international jury will be established by the organisation of the festival. This jury will be responsible for awarding short, and long movies presented during the film festival, with the following price :

  •   Best short movie
  •   2nd best short movie
  •   Best long movie
  •   2nd Best long movie
  •   Best EFFA lab movie
  •   2nd best EFFA lab movie

Archives of the festival

Upon conclusion of this festival and with the agreement of entrants, the EFFA organisators may screen all submitted films as part of the “Environmental Awareness” program at various locations in Albania.

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