32nd International Short Film Festival Berlin (Germany)

The 32nd International Short Film Festival Berlin will be held in Berlin, Germany, form the 14th up to the 20th November 2016.
500 films in 50 programs, 6 competitions, 7 cinemas and 4 districts of Berlin are the numbers of this year festival.

Among all the others competitions and programs, there’s The Green Film competition:
«It’s difficult to really experience nature, when there isn’t much nature left intact: wilderness forests, deep jungle, and untouched landscapes have fallen prey to industrial exploitation or become garbage dumps for consumers. It’s therefore no wonder that environmental initiatives have a tough time. Without an intensity of experience there can be little passion. Who cares about a frog?
Cinematic experience, however, can be the vehicle for a more intense experience of nature. For years, interfilm has been observing cinematic tendencies in the area of environment. What impresses us more than accusatory analysis, however, are narratives portraying the experience of nature itself: stories and observations that construct meta-narratives of environmental concerns and give voice to brutal destruction of environment. This year’s programs present over ten films on this topic, some with paradoxically heightened narrative styles. All manage to magically communicate thematic content as experience and therefore contain a potential for inciting passion. Perhaps I will be interested in the frog after all».

The program will be soon online, stay tuned!