2nd BIFED (Bozcaada, TURKEY)

2015 will see the second edition of BIFED – Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary hosted and organized by Bozcaada Municipality and Boztid (Bozcaada Tourism Operators Association). After last year’s wonderful films in the competition and the other sections we are excited to see more great films concerned about the world, its past-present and future. The festival will take place from October 22-25, 2015 on the beautiful Aegean island of Bozcaada (Tenedos).

After watching more than 180 documentaries from 45 countries the selection committee had to make hard decisions to establish the finalists for BIFED 2015 awards. The topics ranged from nuclear disaster and nuclear waste to e-waste and garbage, from re-thinking our food and the globalization of agriculture to the small regional food producers, from migration and poverty to challenges of water resources, from small rural communities to gentrification, from indigenous resistance to resistance in cities. Surprising (maybe not so much) there are very similar problems for most of the people all over the world. Resistance movements meeting the same strategies from governments and multinational companies, obstacles of survival for rural population, renewable energy production turning into a new environmental nightmare… Just to name a few of the questions raised.

  1. A Lullaby under the Nuclear Sky / Nükleer Gökyüzü Altında Bir Ninni, Kana Tomoko, Japan,  2014,  69’
  2. A River Changes Course / Yönünü Değiştiren Nehir, Kalyanee Mam, Cambodia, 2012, 83’
  3. Aftermath, the second flood / Sonuç-İkinci Taşkın, Raphael Barth, Austria/ Germany/Ireland, 2014, 82’
  4. Bikes vs Cars / Bisikletler Arabalara Karşı, Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, 2015, 88’
  5. Figures in the Water / Sudaki Suretler, Erkal Tülek, Turkey, 2011, 74’
  6. Good Morning Taranto / Günaydın Taranto, Paolo Pisanelli, Italy, 2014,84’
  7. I am the People / Ben Halkım, Anna Roussillon, France, 2014,111’
  8. Metamorphosis / Metamorfoz, Sebastian Mez, Germany, 2013, 84’
  9. Microtopia / Mikrotopia, Jesper Wachtmeister, Sweden, 2013,
  10. Reed / Çibik Turkey, Turgay Kural, Turkey, 2014, 22’
  11. Sunu, Mexico, Teresa Camou Guerrero, 2015, 85‘
  12. Surire, Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff, Chile, 2014, 80’
  13. The Messenger / Ulak, Su Rynard, Canada/France, 2015, 90’,
  14. This land is our land / Bu Topraklar Bizim Topraklarımız, Sai Kong Kham, Myanmar, 2014, 30’
  15. TURAB, Hasan Basri Özdemir, Musa Ak, Turkey, 2015, 26’
  16. Wind on the Moon / Ay’daki Rüzgar, YI Seung-Jun,  Rep of South Korea, 2014, 100’


During the selection process for BIFED 2015 awards it was soon apparent that many of the submitted documentaries were films from students – first works and graduation films. We thought that they should be awarded within a new competition category: The Gaia Student Award.

  1. Ben alemin biberini yemem / I don’t eat anybody’s pepper, Şeref Pehlivan, Turkey, 2014, 23’
  2. Çırak / Apprentice Ramazan Dinler, Turkey, 2015, 20′
  3. Çoban / Shepherd, Murat Haksever, Turkey, 2013, 20’
  4. Dream of San Juan / San Juan’ın Hayalı, Jan Paweł Trzaska, Joaquin del Paso, Poland, 2015, 48’
  5. Invisible / Görünmez, Zofia Pregowska, Poland, 2014, 22’
  6. Komorebitatchi, Sophie Perrier, Masanori Omori, Switzerland, 2014, 15’
  7. Ter / Sweat, Elif Çerrahoğlu, Turkey, 2015, 10’
  8. The Archipelago / Takımada, Benjamin Huguet UK/France, 2015, 40’
  9. Tyres / Lastik Tekerlekler, Kyaw Myo Lwin, Myanmar, 2013, 30’

For further information and updates, see http://www.bifed.org/en/#.