22nd CineEco palmares

The 22nd CineEco was organized by Seia Town Council, and it runned 8-15 October in the Municipal House of Culture, with about 100 films in various competitions and special screenings. The festival was inspired by the return of the slogan Nuclear, No Thanks!
For a week Seia was the environmental movies capital.
Here’s the palmares!

Jury International Long

Grande Prémio CineEco 2016
La Supplication – Voices from Chernobyl, by Pol Cruchten, (Luxembourg)

Prémio Antropologia Ambiental
I custodi dell ́acqua. La Carnia si ribella, by Giulio Squarci (Italy)

Prémio Educação Ambiental
Normal Is Over The Movie, by Renee Scheltema (South Africa)

Menção Honrosa Longas Internacionais
Seed: The Untold Story, by Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz (USA)

Jury International Short and series and TV reports

Prémio Curta-metragem Internacional
The Eco Farm on the World’s Rooftop
, by Giovanni Ortolani (Italy)

Menção Honrosa curta-metragem Internacional
Mirrored Mountains, by Alexandra Marchenko (Russia)

Prémio série e reportagem de televisão
SOS in Santa Maria Island, by Jorge Almeida (Portugal)

Menção Honrosa – Série e Documentário de Televisão
As Vozes de Chernobyl, by Sofia Arêde (Portugal)

Jury Lusophony

Prémio Lusofonia / Camacho Costa
, by João Leite (Portugal/Belgium)

Menção Honrosa – Júri da Lusofonia
, by Paulo Vinhas (Portugal)

Menção Honrosa – Júri da Lusofonia
Verde Chorume
, by Roberta Bonoldi (Brasil)

Prémio Lusofonia Panorama Regional
100 Anos de Urgeiriça, by James Ramsay Cameron (Portugal/UK)

Jury Youth

Grande Prémio da Juventude
Ouragan, by Cyril Barbancon, Jacqueline Farmer, Andy Byatt (France)

Menção Honrosa – Júri da Juventude Internacional Longas
Undune, by Dennis Rätzel (Germany)

Menção Honrosa – Júri da Juventude Internacional Curtas
Breath, by Mona Moradi (Iran)

Menção Honrosa – Júri da Juventude Lusofonia
Lambari, by Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva Freitas (Brasil)

Menção Honrosa Júri da Juventude Lusofonia Panorama Regional
O Rio – Parte 3
, by Luis Antero and Tiago Cerveira (Portugal)