19th CINEMAMBIENTE Environmental Film Festival palmares

The winners of the 19th CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival are…

*International Documentary Competition*
Best International Documentary Award

WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE (Perù, 2016, 100′) by Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel
For the use of extraordinary storytelling techniques to develop the narrative by combining archival material with an intimate portrayal of the main character, and for examining how a local community faced a problem of global relevance.

Food Smart Cities Award
(Danimarca, 2016, 76’) by Andreas Johnsen
For the entertaining and creative approach to investigating what all of us could be eating tomorrow.

IREN Audience Award offered by IREN
THE BABUSHKAS OF CHERNOBYL (USA, 2015, 70′) by Holly Morris and Anne Bogart

*Italian Documentary Competition*
Best Italian Documentary Award
ATTRAVERSO LE ALPI (Italia, 2016, 80′) by Giancarlo Bertalero and Filippo Ciardi
This well-researched documentary investigates the many issues of intermodal freight transportation and the effects of transalpine transport on the environment and local communities.

*One Hour International Competition*
Best Mid-length Film Award

LA JEUNE FILLE ET LES TYPHONS (Francia, 2015, 52’) by Christoph Schwaiger
For its unusual protagonist, a girl who, as a victim of climate change, takes up the quest to bring hope for her people. A film that will inspire adult and young audiences.

Environment and Society Award – Arcobaleno Award
LA LUNGA STRADA GIALLA (Italia, 2016, 80’) by Christian Carmosino and Antonio Oliviero
This slice-of-life story unfolds at a mule’s pace through a series of random encounters with people in places where sociability is valued or limited, as experienced in big cities.

Legambiente Special Mention
DEVIL COMES TO KOKO (Italia, 2015, 49’) by Alfie Nze
The migration of people and resources, the journey of goods and garbage, as told in a story that concerns us and that denounces environmental abuse as a result of irresponsible development and greed for profit. Europe and Africa in the mutual search for a shared account of colonial and contemporary history. Italy promotes the exchange in the study and exports the worst with falsehoods. Multiple layers of narrative, true and freely given testimonies, a complex enquiry into facts that parallels the true story and what it means for us.